Family Express Unveils Cravin’s To Order Food Service Offering

Company News  •   October 18, 2016

VALPARAISO, INDIANA – Family Express is announcing the unveiling of its new made to order hot food service offering, labeled Cravin’s To Order.  Cravin’s To Order features made to order breakfast sandwiches and an exciting upscale, customizable/MTO pizza offering.

This initiative has been in development with the consulting assistance of the Moseley Group, based out of Franklin, MA, known for their innovative, non-traditional foodservice outlooks.  With their collaboration, Cravin’s To Order will allow a customer to place an order from multiple ordering kiosks, online, or via mobile app.  When fully developed, the Family Express application will also allow a customer to place an order from the FE central bakery and have it delivered at a later date to a customer’s store of choice.

The new Cravin’s To Order pizza menu includes a variety of new signature items, such as the Six-Cheese Garlic Pizza, Mediterranean Pizza, BBQ Bacon Chicken Pizza, and a Breakfast Pizza.  A customer will even be able to tailor a slice to their liking, by using one of two ordering kiosk

The deployment of Cravin’s To Order is synchronized with the rebranding of Family Express store interiors designed to bring focus on food service.  “The family of our proprietary brands has evolved over decades of marketing, but they existed in silos as opposed to speaking with one voice,” said Gus Olympidis, President and CEO of Family Express.  Cravin’s To Order will be featured in the company’s three new-to-industry locations opening in the month of November, and will migrate to the other locations that have the appropriate demographic and parking credentials

About Family Express
Family Express is operating stores throughout Northwest and North Central Indiana. The company’s business model is characterized by unique logistics. The logistics model consolidates 25 traditional DSD weekly deliveries into a single daily delivery achieving transportation efficiencies and unsurpassed freshness for perishables. Family Express delivers an outstanding customer experience through its “living brand.” The company builds relationships with its customers through its friendly employees with inviting stores sporting an upscale colonial architecture, enhanced landscaping plans, and sensitivity to the environment. Family Express goes to market with an assemblage of proprietary brands.

About The Moseley Group
The Moseley Group is a trusted advisor to the food industry’s leading businesses and institutions, helping brand owners make distinctive improvements to the performance of their organizations through research, strategy and technology innovation.  Today, the majority of Moseley’s work centers on three areas: technology and innovation; functional design that delights; and experiential branding, translating strategy into physical and virtual environments, whether nurturing new business incubation or revitalizing heritage brands. The firm works with the industry’s largest multinationals, and with entrepreneurial upstarts, in these three arenas to create, support, and grow enterprise value.