Family Express Acquires Urschel Property

Company News  •   November 24, 2015

Valparaiso, IN., Nov. 24, 2015 – Family Express Corp. is announcing today that it is under contract to purchase the site of what was formerly the Urschel Factory at the corner of Vale Park Rd. and Calumet Ave. in Valparaiso. The nearly 15-acre site is in the early stages of the planned demolition for all of the buildings that were housing the vacated manufacturing facility. The demolition of the structures, and restoration are expected to be completed in the next three months.

Family Express is planning a new colonial prototype store in the general vicinity of the roundabout, and the eventual redevelopment of the rest of the property. The plan includes the celebration of the “Valpo Vikings” theme by imaging the store consistent with Valpo Vikings colors (See Attached). Recently, the company introduced a like themed-concept celebrating the legacy of PURDUE University at the outskirts of the school’s West Lafayette Campus. Gus Olympidis, President and Chief Executive Officer of Family Express said, “The PURDUE themed concept has been exciting and fun. We felt that for as long as the community is supportive, we would like to develop a similar concept in our hometown, celebrating ‘Valpo Vikings,’ and thus showcase community pride for one of our treasured institutions.”

About Family Express

Recently, Family Express was awarded the most prestigious award in the Convenience Store Industry, by being named the 2015 Chain of the Year. The Company was founded in Valparaiso in 1975, and it operates stores throughout Northwest and North Central Indiana. The company’s business model is characterized by unique logistics. The logistics model consolidates multiple daily deliveries by various vendors into a single daily delivery, achieving transportation efficiencies and unsurpassed freshness for perishables. Family Express delivers an outstanding customer experience through its “living brand.” The company builds relationships with its customers through its friendly employees with inviting stores sporting an upscale colonial architecture, enhanced landscaping plans, and sensitivity to the environment. Family Express goes to market with a family of proprietary brands including: Java Wave gourmet coffees, the JW European Café Espresso, Squeeze Freeze carbonated beverages, natural spring water, the Buzzed Energy drink, high quality milk products, ice, and Cravin’s Market, its private label line of sandwiches, and bakery products, including the iconic Square Donuts, Mega Muffins, and cookies produced in the company’s Central Bakery in Valparaiso.